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NOTE: If you are a prior donor, DO NOT complete this form to request a glean. Instead, contact us at 619-633-9180 or

Volunteers follow current county, state and federal COVID-19 guidelines. In addition, Senior Gleaners recommends that all volunteers will wear masks when interacting with resident donors. If you desire further protection, notify the crew leader when scheduling.

Can you pick and deliver the fruit yourself or have just a small amount? (We generally do not send volunteers to pick amounts less than 100 pounds.) Here’s a list of food distributors that accept donations from individual residents.

All glean participants will be trained in proper gleaning methods. Senior Gleaners of San Diego County carries insurance for all volunteers.

Privacy: Information entered here is used solely by Senior Gleaners of San Diego County and will not be available to the public. We do not share, sell or otherwise distribute your personal information. If you have other questions, please contact us.

PLEASE NOTE: During the busy harvest season, it may be two to three weeks before we contact you to schedule a crew to pick your crop.


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Fruit condition: How ripe is the fruit? How many banana boxes do you estimate?

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Location: where is it on your property and how do we get to it? Is the ground flat or sloped?

Directions if finding your property is difficult, and parking instructions.

Is there anything else you would like us to know (pets, gates and codes, etc.)?

Could you pick the fruit yourself if we deliver it?
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Can you pick some of the fruit yourself to speed the work of the picking crew when they arrive?

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