Volunteers deliver the first load of fresh-picked fruit to new partner Heaven's Windows in Spring Valley in early 2017.  Heaven's Windows, a San Diego Food Bank satellite, distributes to E. County seniors, students, and low-income residents.

Senior Gleaners works cooperatively with numerous similar organizations throughout the county. All the groups need all types of furits and vegetables, volunteers, assistance transporting collected food and cash donations to support their work. The site provides descriptions of each group, contact information and the geographic area each serves.


Visit www.sandiegogleaners.org for more information.

KEEP A SUPPLY OF BROCHURES HANDY--Make sure that your Gleaner van and personal vehicle have extra copies to give to potential donors or volunteers. Always leave a brochure and a receipt for residents who have donated fruit. Click here for a document that provides two brochures.

READ VOLUNTEER GUIDELINES--While the guidelines were created for new volunteers, ALL volunteers are encouraged to review the guidelines periodically to keep current on policies and information. Click here for the guidelines.


READ DRIVER POLICY--All volunteers must sign a driver agreement and drivers of SG-owned vehicles must pass a behind-the-wheel driver exam. Click here to read the policy.

Partner Organizations

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For Fruit Donors

For Senior Gleaners Volunteers

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