Your Crop

Donate spare produce or food items

Gleaners pick fruit weekly county-wide and operate vans collecting unsold food items.
Benefits to you:

  • Less work to pick fruit and dispose of unwanted fruit or food products that otherwise might end up in landfills or go to waste.
  • Improved health of fruit trees.
  • A receipt showing the total amount donated for tax donation purposes at year’s end.
  • Assurance of security for your property and donation. The federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act was created to encourage the donation of food and grocery products to qualified nonprofit organizations and provides liability protection to food donors.  Under this Act, as long as the donor has not acted with negligence or intentional misconduct, the donor is not liable for damage incurred as the result of illness. Senior Gleaners carries organizational liability insurance. Volunteers receive supplemental insurance coverage while volunteering through the Retired & Senior Volunteer program.

To schedule a donation of produce or food, Click on the Donate your crop button.